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Stephen King explains how to make vampires 'scary again' | Books ...
Sep 30, 2010 . "Here's what vampires shouldn't be: pallid detectives who drink Bloody Marys . May I recommend Joe Hills' horror short story collection 20th .

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I Am Legend (novel) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...despite having vampires in it, [the novel] is not a novel on vampires, nor even a horror nor sci-fi novel at all, in the deepest sense. Instead, it is perhaps the .

Dracula vs. Nosferatu: A True Copyright Horror Story | Plagiarism ...
Oct 17, 2011 . This battle not only helped shape horror movie history, but it is also something of a vampire tale unto itself. After all, it's about a movie that .

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You can read many vampire myths at Hell Horror. Our vampire stories are thorough and complete - learn more about your favorite mythological.

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Discover Horror - Vampire stories. Find the best Horror - Vampire stories written by up-and-coming writers. Read and vote for your favorites or even write your .

A Vampire Attack: Short Horror Story
Jun 26, 2012 . A man encounters a horrifying vampire on his way home one night. A short horror story depicting a vampire's attack on an unsuspecting man.

Amazon.com: Vampire$ (Library Edition) (9781441727213): John ...
In best-selling author John Steakley's vampire classic. . Vampire$ is one gaudy, action-packed novel. . Vampire$ is a 1990 horror novel by John Steakley.

There's No Such Thing As Vampires: Global Warming is a Real-Life ...
2 days ago . In perhaps the least surprising development of 2012, temperature records across the U.S. have been falling like so many charred trees. Recent .