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You will create cross-sectional diagrams of the Earth's surface showing plate motions . Label the names of the plates (Pacific plate, North American plate, etc. ) .

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Plate Tectonics Lesson Plan
a. Part 4 introduces some vocabulary and asks students to label a cross-section of the Earth. Students are also asked to apply Plate Tectonics vocabulary words .

Plate Tectonic Cycle. 1. Either draw, or label a cross section, of the earth's lithosphere (similar to the one in your notebook of lecture illustrations) illustrating the .

Earthquakes Family Activity Sheets - American Red Cross
Research and label each of the layers of the earth shown in the drawing. . you use an egg to illustrate a cross section of the inside of the earth and explain . Directions: The earth's tectonic plates converge, diverge or just slip by each other .

Earth's Interior Structure - Purdue University
Plate tectonics -- Lithosphere, asthenosphere . Label the boundaries and layers of the Earth and (optionally) color the various layers . be arranged into a complete circle representing a 1:10 million scale cross section through the entire Earth.

Visualizing Oceanography
For the block diagrams shown below, match the type of plate boundary with the . use the pull-down menu to select the letter that labels the correct part of the image. . In the cross-sectional view of Earth's interior shown below, correctly match .

Build and label a cross section of the Earth representing its layers. • Discover that the Earth's crust is divided into plates and the movement of the plates is a .