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Treatment of Laminitis
The hoof of a horse with chronic laminitis will have a distorted appearance, . involved than the rear feet because the horse supports approximately 60% of its .

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To understand the changes that take place within the foot of a laminitic horse . In the normal horse, the forces exerted down a limb should equal the supporting .

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One such book with an excellent chapter on laminitis is The Sound Hoof - Horse Health from the Ground up by Lisa Simons Lancaster (read a full review).

Laminitis in horses - Information about dealing with laminitis in horses
Definition of Laminitis in Horses. Laminitis is inflammation of the sensitive structures in the hoof called the lamellae. The lamellae are the means by which the .

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Looking after your horse. Laminitis. Download pdf. Laminitis is a painful and . The laminae are responsible for supporting the pedal bone in the hoof and thus .

Laminitis Examination of Horses Feet
Frog supports should be applied to horses suffering from laminitis as soon as . the application of frog supports, even in a "sinker" with all four feet affected.

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Radiograph of a horse hoof showing rotation of the coffin bone and evidence of sinking, a condition often associated with laminitis. The annotation P2 stands for .

It does not mean using such a thick frog support that the horse is forced to bear most of the weight on his frog. . Laminitis does not just affect the front feet.