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Honeycrisp: a case of mistaken identity Sean Myles Lab
Feb 29, 2012. its promising characteristics to genes inherited from its two putative parents. . The mistaken identity of Honeycrisp seems to suggest that such . If your mother and father are both tall, chances are that you will be tall as well.

The Summary to the Opinion states: 

Divorce Articles - WHEN IS DADDY NOT A DADDY - Divorce Online
Feb 24, 2007 . "Absent any overriding equities in favor of the putative father, such as fraud, . The representation of parentage inevitably obscures the identity and . been mistaken" in indicating that defendant was the father is incredulous.

Contested Adoptions - The Journal of the DuPage County Bar ...
A petitioning adoptive couple in an unfitness case may mistakenly believe that after . intended to help determine the identity and location of a minor child who is, or is . In E.L., the natural father did not have to register with the Putative Father .

This Note will address the question of whether a putative father is entitled to . See Mary R. Anderlik & Mark A. Rothstein, DNA-Based Identity Testing and the Future of the . father himself acknowledged paternity, he, of course, was mistaken.

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When his identity is mistaken by Harold Marcus, who remembers Hobby's earlier warning about . 7, Pat Hobby, Putative Father, July, 1940, F. Scott Fitzgerald .

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Knowing the biological identity of the child that you are adopting through proper . Testing a putative father, whether done with a chain of custody DNA paternity test . as a birthmother is about the results, she is often mistaken,” Hayes says.

The Paradox of Unmarried Fathers and the Constitution: Biology ...
rights of a putative father of a newborn who has been thwarted in his efforts to grasp . during the birth and immediately thereafter; her identity is obvious,"8 but . He had a lot to lose, but granting him the hearing mistakenly was not going to .

Jan 31, 2011 . Virginia's Putative Father Registry: Three Years Later . of the pregnancy does not excuse failure to timely register except when the identity . it mistakenly directing husband to pay wife that amount instead, and the judge .