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There have been many studies done to observe the functionality of the primary . It has also been shown in monkeys that the responses of orbitofrontal . that damage in the rostral part of the insula caused gustatory disturbance, as well as taste . Activation in the insula also takes place when exposed to gustatory imagery.

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Amazonas by Viverde - Monkey
Although animal less common as the tapir, deer and monkeys (e.g. . However, it did not have any previous study of social or environmental impacts in the place. . great interest of ecologists, and can be good indicator of environment disturbance. . The study was developed in the high Cuieiras River between the limits of .

Long-term tree population dynamics and their implications for the ...
Long-term studies of tree population dynamics play an important role in identifying the con- . to be recovering from the selective logging of large trees that took place at . signs of disturbance today are footpaths at the LHD site, tree stumps at the . Trails were generally 1–2 m wide and used by monkey researchers, tour- .

Neural circuits involved in parkinsonian motor disturbance studied in ...
Neural circuits involved in parkinsonian motor disturbance studied in monkeys. Ohye C. The outline of neurophysiological studies on a parkinsonian model in .

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Mar 10, 2010 . His studies caused disturbance to many monkeys. . The experiment took place in Stanford University, California, and there was 24 male .

10 RChHN 83-3-Chaves
During a nine month field study, we assess the ability of spider (Ateles geoffroyi) . observed on two separate occasions spider monkeys crossing the river from the disturbed area to the reserve, but . the approximate month, year and place).

Further evidence for the role of the caudate nucleus in programming ...
This study describes the short-term effects of intracaudate microinjections of . The monkeys were found to display a series of motor disturbances including .