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Discussion Paper: 2013 California Building Code Accessibility ...
Feb 14, 2012 . federal 2010 ADA Standards as model code language with California amendments to implement State statutory mandates and retain unique .

The Summary to the Opinion states: 

2009 Accessibility Guidelines - California State Parks - State of ...
Act of 1990 (ADA). California State Parks is fortunate to have the Accessibility. Section, headquartered in Sacramento. Established in 1999, this section is at .

ADA Compliance and Web Content Accessibility
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance Notice; ADA Complaint . In accordance with the California Government Code and ADA requirements, this . The State of California is strongly committed to improved accessibility for all .

State of California Penal, Civil and Vehicle Codes with ADA Penalties
Penalties for Preventing a Guide Dog User from Exercising Rights to Access. CA PENAL CODE SECTION 365.5 [January 1, 1995]. [a] Any blind person, deaf .

Accessibility Reference Connections - California State Parks - State ...
Refer to Revised ADA-ABA Guidelines (2004). CodeChanges/default.htm Office of State Architect, California Building Code / Code of .

ADA Certification of State Accessibility Requirements
. 2001 edition of the California Building Code along with a side-by-side analysis of the ADA .

Disability Laws and Regulations | California Disability Access ...
Title 24 of the California Code . ADA and State statutes.

Access - Department of General Services - State of California
Access Code Stakeholder Forum Agenda: . Blocks (based on the ADA Chapter 3) (PDF .