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Jun 20, 2012 . By default, nobody can review anything, so the first step is to set up user rights. . $wgFlaggedRevsTags is an associative array with keys . Note: Individual pages can be configured to have the stable or draft version as the .

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Since two reacting species are involved in the slow, rate-determining step of the . often occurs at an aliphatic sp carbon center with an electronegative, stable leaving group . In coordination chemistry, associative substitution proceeds via a similar . of the reacting molecules but a few may show retention of configuration.

Stability and convergence of analog neural networks with multiple ...
Results are applied to associative memory . previous time steps, and apply the new stability criterion . when theyare configured to retrieve fixed points only.

From Markov Random Fields to Associative Memories and Back ...
“natural” choice for the representation step; this makes it possible to interpret . that Jij = Jji, the stable states of the system will be those configurations which .

Phosphodiester Cleavage in Ribonuclease H Occurs via an ...
Jul 29, 2008 . Is the enzymatic mechanism concerted one-step or stepwise with formation of a stable . From the equilibrated trajectory, a configuration featuring a . (24) RNase H is highly stable in the multi-nanosecond time scale ( 25 ns, . to 1.80 Å, which indicates an associative mechanism for phosphoryl transfer.

Learning algorithms with optimal stablilty in neural networks
elements 67 = *I, we propose to study learning rules with optimal stability A, where A . In the retrieval phase, the network is started in a certain initial configuration S . A necessary condition for associative memory in this (rather strict) sense is that . step. We will proceed on the assumption that the size of the whole basins of .

Speech Stimulation
Associative Mood and Memory Training (AMMT) involves musical mood . stable and adaptive gait patterns in patients with significant gait deficits due to . setting the RAS frequency at the patient's current limit cycle, or preferred step cadence.