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Klippel Feil Syndrome with congenital deafness
Klippel Feil Syndrome with Congenital Deafness . Klippel Fell Syndrome with sprengels deformity and cougenltal sensorineural deafness . He had scoliosis.

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Cervical Fusion Syndrome |
Cervical Fusion Syndrome is a congenital abnormality that is characterized by the . These can range from kidney and rib malformations; scoliosis, deafness; .

Scoliosis -
Feb 1, 2012 . List of 480 disease causes of Scoliosis, patient stories, diagnostic guides. . dystrophy; Myotonic myopathy; Spinal muscular atrophy; Congenital scoliosis . Camptodactyly, tall stature, and hearing loss syndrome ... scoliosis .

Klippel Feil Syndrome - Wheeless' Textbook of Orthopaedics
Apr 13, 2012 . congenital cervical stenosis; - syndactyly and hypoplastic thumb; - hearing loss: may occur in 30% of patients; - ref: Klippel-Feil syndrome and .

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Klippel-Feil Syndrome
Feb 7, 2012 . Theiss et al reviewed 32 patients with congenital scoliosis followed for . Klippel -Feil syndrome with congenital conductive deafness: report of .

Klippel Feil Syndrome Explaination
Sep 13, 2010 . With a high thoracic congenital Scoliosis, the Roentgenographic . of hearing impairment and even deafness in the Klippel-Feil syndrome .

Spondylocarpotarsal synostosis syndrome - Genetics Home ...
Spondylocarpotarsal synostosis syndrome is a disorder that affects the development . opening in the roof of the mouth (a cleft palate), hearing loss, thin tooth enamel, flat feet, . congenital scoliosis with unilateral unsegmented bar; congenital .